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One Stop

A One Stop Shop for all Illnesses

Where did all these diseases come from .

A study says that we were the sources of the major infectious diseases , by consuming our natural resources at such a fast rate , depleting ourselves of organic fresh fruits and vegetables and eating gmo based food , The body has started to give up too soon and with various complications .

There are specialist doctors all around the world but if the body is laden with more than one disease then one needs to see more than one specialist .

Nowadays we all look for Convenience in everything . From shopping in a supermarket to organising your schedule in such a way that you finish more than one thing at a time .. and of having the need to have all the facilities under one roof Incase we fall sick ,as you never know what the body might be susceptible to in today’s times .

A multi speciality hospital in chiplun and in other cities is a one stop shop for all illnesses where you won’t have to go running around for more than one specialist doctor, and various tests that need to be done to diagnose your condition .

These doctors in the Multi speciality hospitals in chiplun work in tandem with all the other doctors and pathologists and radiologists , and make sure there is no communication gap .

The benefits of a multi specialty hospitals in chiplun are .

  • The treatments are easy and at affordable costs
  • There is a large team with multiple specialists
  • Various equipments are all available under one roof
  • Better integration with insurance companies
  • Treatment of all lifestyle diseases under one roof .

For an individual or a family , a multi speciality hospital in chiplun makes overall health care and the treatment of injury and illnesses much simpler , without actually compromising on the quality of medical care .

It is better to look for a multi speciality hospital in your own town or city to make things more comfortable and easier for you . Like if you live in chiplun you can search for the best multi speciality hospital in chiplun ..

Convenience of treatment and all available expertise under one roof with affordable costs are a few of many benefits of a multi speciality hospital .

It is so important that you take time out and take care of your health . There is so much a human being can contribute to this world ..

CT Scan

When to get a CT Scan done

In the field of hospitals the medical equipments play a vital role In the diagnosis, and the treatment of various illnesses.

Mumbai as well as other cities like chiplun, which is the financial and commercial hub of ratnagiri , their hospitals are equipped with all the latest equipments for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

We have been going through the covid pandemic since 2020, and to check the intensity of the infection just an xray isn’t enough .This is where a CT- SCAN (computed tomography ) comes in the picture .There are a few top CT-SCAN centres in chiplun , the importance of a ct scan is realised when you have mild symptoms but your RT-PCR test is negative and your X-RAY also doesn’t show any complications , but this is where the CT-SCAN will detect if you really have covid or not . The cost of a CT-SCAN in chiplun is between 1500 to 3500rs or more .

CT-SCANS can detect bone and joint problems , cancer , tumours , heart disease , liver problems, infection , cysts and other various illnesses .
A CT-SCAN in chiplun, or any other city is done by making the patient lay down inside the machine, while the inside of the machine rotates and takes a series of X-rays from different angles, hence illuminating the disease which leads to a proper diagnosis .
If you are living in chiplun and want to get a CT- SCAN done in chiplun, then there are a lot of multi-speciality hospitals, which provide , CT- SCANS pet scans , and other various facilities .

It is best to get a medical opinion if you are suffering from any health problem before its too late .Taking care of yourself should be your number 1 priority specially during this tumultuous time of the pandemic .