CT Scan

When to get a CT Scan done

In the field of hospitals the medical equipments play a vital role In the diagnosis, and the treatment of various illnesses.

Mumbai as well as other cities like chiplun, which is the financial and commercial hub of ratnagiri , their hospitals are equipped with all the latest equipments for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

We have been going through the covid pandemic since 2020, and to check the intensity of the infection just an xray isn’t enough .This is where a CT- SCAN (computed tomography ) comes in the picture .There are a few top CT-SCAN centres in chiplun , the importance of a ct scan is realised when you have mild symptoms but your RT-PCR test is negative and your X-RAY also doesn’t show any complications , but this is where the CT-SCAN will detect if you really have covid or not . The cost of a CT-SCAN in chiplun is between 1500 to 3500rs or more .

CT-SCANS can detect bone and joint problems , cancer , tumours , heart disease , liver problems, infection , cysts and other various illnesses .
A CT-SCAN in chiplun, or any other city is done by making the patient lay down inside the machine, while the inside of the machine rotates and takes a series of X-rays from different angles, hence illuminating the disease which leads to a proper diagnosis .
If you are living in chiplun and want to get a CT- SCAN done in chiplun, then there are a lot of multi-speciality hospitals, which provide , CT- SCANS pet scans , and other various facilities .

It is best to get a medical opinion if you are suffering from any health problem before its too late .Taking care of yourself should be your number 1 priority specially during this tumultuous time of the pandemic .