Efficient, Effective & Empathetic Management for
better functioning of the centre

Onco-Life Cancer Centre, Satara is a Private Hospital which was established in 2014 by Mr. Uday Deshmukh who has over 35+ years of extensive & comprehensive experience Nationally & Internationally in the field of Oncology.

  • Mr. Uday Deshmukh

    Founder & CEO

    A true visionary and the flagbearer of healthcare in India, Mr. Uday Deshmukh is the founder of O...
  • Mr. Sachin Deshmukh

    Managing Director

    As an active member of Onco-Life Care Centre since its inception, Mr. Deshmukh has played a stell...
  • Dr. Manoj Lokhande

    H.O.D. of Surgical Oncology & Director

    Dr. Lokhande is truly the master of Onco Surgeries, having specialised in all types and garnering...
  • Prathamesh Deshmukh

    Software Engineer & Project Consultant

    Dr. Deshmukh has gathered many years of experience working in different countries like Singapore,...
  • Pratap Rajemahadik

    Director Resource

    A name to reckon with in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Rajemahadik is a guiding light when it comes to...