There are no two ways about this: the best way to fight cancer is to detect it early and get timely treatment. This can only be done through timely diagnosis.

To identify the right treatment plan for a patient, one must start with screening which is available for cancers of the breast, cervix and prostate through Mammography, PAP Smear or PSArespectively. Other cancer diagnoses involveusing scans like PET CT, X Ray, Biopsy and other cancer-dedicated blood tests.

Family history could influence the chances of developing cancer, amongst other factors. Which is why, we give utmost importance to early detection by providing Clinical Genetic Services. This could even prevent probable cancer threats in the future. Also, we actively encourage and promote annual check-ups, in order to facilitate early detection.

Onco-Life Cancer Centre is proud to house one of the best Pathology Labs in Chiplun with state-of-the-art Pathology and Radiology technologies to power our diagnoses. Our team of highly trained and experienced specialists and sub-specialists leave no stone unturned towards an accurate diagnosis. Being a one-stop cancer centre, all our tests are available under one roof.