Radiation Oncology 2 major types include

Internal & External Radiation

External Radiation (Linear Accelerator)

You must first understand that Cancer treatment is multidisciplinary – this means it involves various specialties and departments.

This department of Oncology comprises of a team of MCI-certified and Board-Certified Medical Oncologist Radiation Oncologist, Pathologists, Medical physicists, licensed Radiation therapists, Registered Nurses, Medical social workers, Dietician and Specially trained support personnel who come with several years of experience in treating and caring for patients undergoing cancer therapy.

You’ll be glad to know that our linear accelerators and computer-controlled image guidance systems are fully integrated for a seamless radiation therapy process. The linear accelerators operate in multiple modes, delivering both photon and electron radiation at different energy levels, so the radiation oncologists can choose the most appropriate energy and depth of treatment for each individual case.So when it comes to Radiation Treatment in Chiplun, trust Onco-Life Care Centre for trustworthy results.

Radiation Therapy
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